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Media Coverage

Neo's Foundation provides a bridge between individual and corporate donors, and credible charities around the world.  We are fully non-profit, and provide consulting services to both donors and charities alike, helping to put them into contact with other individuals and groups across the globe with ideals and morals in line with their own. Many of our activities have been covered by various media outlets, helping to spread the word and showcasing the real-life impact made by our efforts.

"La Boutique Noire, a clothing boutique in the Yorkville district, will host a special fundraising event to raise awareness and funds for Healthy Minds Canada...."

“Chiari Malformation is an extremely under-researched neurological condition, which has many debilitating symptoms and no cure or safe/effective treatments.” - Ardy Khavari, CEO of 8608 Capital Investments.

Full Table Project continues to operate based on donations, making no profit of their own, thus community support is a key factor in determining its rate of growth.

"8608 Capital Group arranged through Masons Fine Foods to show their appreciation and gratefulness to the real-life heroes at Michael Garron Hospital by donating 150 wholesome, hot meals prepared fresh..."

"Shafiq is one of dozens of volunteers of multiple backgrounds and faiths running tables under the umbrella of the Full Table Project. It was started by shelter volunteer William Graham and his wife Shirley at the beginning of the pandemic....."

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